Beer, glorious beer!

Watcha, and a hearty ” ‘sup ” to my new followers!  More beer has been speeding it’s way to me over the last week or so and here’s some of it for your perusal. My transatlantic chums may be unaware of Buxton, and I’m guilty of not drinking their wares as much as I should, but they’re one of the most consistent and impressive craft breweries in the UK. Their hop whispering skillz could just surpass those of The Kernel.

As for the others, my love for Odell’s Myrcenary has been documented on this very blog, the Cantillon’s are mostly getting stockpiled (as usual), and I’m really looking forward to AleSmith’s Speedway Stout.

The charmingly named Caribbean Chocolate Cake is a collaboration between Siren Craft Brew and Florida’s Cigar City, and will be reviewed tomorrow night as the second part in a mini series of reviews by myself and Cameron from All You Need Is Beer. The first review will be up tonight, and for this one, Siren and Cigar City were joined by Vermont’s Grassroots Brewing. Make sure you check it out peeps! If you’re really lucky I may follow this twin review up with a couple more Siren collaborations, these featuring the talents of Hill Farmstead and Evil Twin

Hope you’re all having a great weekend and watching plenty of Star Wars, cheerio for now.

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