BrewDog #Mashtag 2014, 9% abv imperial red ale

Last year the deliciously irreverent beery overlords at BrewDog (aka James and Martin) decided it’d be fun to brew a beer via crowdsourcing. Aspects of the brew were opened to a public vote, from the style, to the malt bill and abv, to the hops and IBU, to a very special little twist. We ended up with a brown ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged over oak chips and Hazelnuts. I didn’t think all that much of it. Whadda let down. 

So when they decided to do it again this year I was all like “Woohoo! Sod last years brew this ‘un’s gonna be well wicked!!!” and I was straight over to the BrewDog website, lookin’ at stuff and clickin’ on stuff and well, it was awesome!  Especially ‘cause every damned choice I clicked on made it to the final brew (though I didn’t vote for this label). Srsly. And here it is, an imperial red ale hopped with a combination of US, NZ, and German hops, with a twist of added blood orange juice, lemon and orange zest. Cool.

Time to try it then. It’s red. Really red, like a really red liquid red stuff! There’s huge great sackfuls of citrus in the aroma, some orange flavoured toffee, and a grand whiff of democracy. 

I brave the nicotine stained ceiling coloured head, take a good mouthful and swill it around while maintaining my most dramatically engaging pensive pose. Hmm yes, I’m getting a cornucopia of citrus pulp ruthlessly dominated by that juicy orange, lemon drizzle cake and chewy caramel arrive fashionably late only to be upstaged by the dense, dank, bitter pine bringing things to a close by drunkenly crashing into things and peeing on the floor. 

This is pretty awesome, even if I am kinda responsible for the outcome. Okay, the peeps at BrewDog have to be awarded some props as do the others who voted, so I’ll magnanimously accept a trifling 70% of the credit. It’s medium sweet, seriously hoppy, balanced by a substantial maltiness, and packing a huge bitter and medium dry finish. It’s wonderfully full and soft in the mouth, and really rather boozy. A cracker of an imperial red.

Congrats to all who took part, and you’re welcome.

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